Little Peaceful Getaway

The Peaceful Benefits

Property Administration

Property Administration

Efficiently manage your properties with our comprehensive administration services.

Guest Booking Management

Guest Booking Management

Ensure a seamless guest booking experience by entrusting us with managing reservations and inquiries.
Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and upkeep through our reliable maintenance and cleaning services.

Who We Are


Little Peaceful Getaway, LLC is your premier destination for full-service corporate accommodation. We specialize in delivering exceptional services that cover everything from property listings and guest management to meticulous housekeeping and timely maintenance. Our unwavering objective is to provide a valuable and worthwhile investment for our esteemed investors, while simultaneously granting property owners the luxury of saved time and effort. With our expertise and commitment, we strive to maximize rental income and cultivate a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved. Trust us to optimize your property's potential and create an unparalleled, stress-free environment.


Dedicated Support Team

Our service for managing short-term rentals enables us to oversee your fully furnished residence. Our objective is to furnish corporate visitors with facilities suitable for meetings, conferences, and training sessions.

Dynamic Pricing

Our pricing algorithms are personalized for your property, modifying prices daily to achieve the highest potential Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR) for each unit and enhance the overall Net Operating Income (NOI).

Hands Off Full Service Management

Our services includes us promoting and listing your property, ensuring it's comprehensively insured against any damages. Cleaning and maintenance will be takin care of as well as check-ins.

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